Physical Science Extra Credit Rubric

Assignment:  Select an article that highlights a concept(s) covered in the current unit in science class.  Read the article.  Write down a list of key terms that the article discusses and define them.   Write a one page summary of the article, detailing how the science concept(s) is applied in this situation.   A student may choose to do three of these per quarter.  Extra credit will be added to the “homework/classwork” portion of the grade.


Rubric:  (10 points each)


0 1 2
Article Selection

(a physical copy or web address for the article must be turned in with the article)

No article is selected. Article hints at a topic covered in science. There is a clear connection between science concept(s) and the topic of the article.
Key terms No terms are listed. A list of terms is identified but definitions are not given or do not coincide with the term(s). A list of terms is identified and well-defined.
Summary (x2) No summary is written. Summary does not completely cover the scope of the article. Summary is a clear and concise, highlight all major topics of the article.
Application of concepts No application of science concepts. There is a hint of an application of the science concept(s). There is a strong connection between science concepts and the concepts discussed in the article.