Art Nov. 20-22

Science Display Boards

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Students will continue to place relevant information on their display boards. They will apply previous knowledge of Elements and Principles of Art to create a harmonious and unified Display Board.


Physical Science- Nov 20-22

Topic: Science Fair

Science Fair:  You should be working on your display boards.  (See guidelines here.)   Science fair project presentations will be the week of November 26-30.  You should aim for a 7-10 minute presentation. For the presentation, you will need the following ready- a) display board, b) research paper printed and in a folder, c) science fair packet/logbook complete, d)  oral presentation (you make use notecards, if you desire), and e) dressed professionally.  You will need to sign up in this Google Doc for your date.  (Do not change people’s names.  I see edits and who made them.)  If you wish to present next Wednesday, November 22nd, please sign up to do so.  There will be extra credit for this.   The rubric for the presentations is found at this link.

Language Arts November 6th – 10th

This week will continue to read The Giver by Lois Lowry. We will review the exam from Friday and students will be reading chapters 10 & 12 for homework this week. We will also discuss the issue of plagiarism, which is something that needs to be addressed. This week we will also have our spelling bee in preparation for the ABSH local and national competitions.

Important Dates:

11/6 – Homework: Read Chapter 10

11/8 – Spelling Bee (tentative)

11/8 – Homework: Read Chapter 10

11/9 – Quiz on Chapters 11-12

11/10 – Scrap book check (50% completed)

Art Nov. 6-10

Scrap Book Project

Students are applying the element of Unity in their art by illustrating certain sentences, quotes, or concepts from their readings in Language Arts Class. They have been asked to work on one page of their Scrap Book a week during the class periods.

Español del 23 al 27 de octubre

Lunes 23 entrega de la antología de adivinanzas, bombas y refranes. Estudiaremos “Lenguas habladas en Honduras”

maartes seguiremos con el tema “Lenguas habladas en Honduras”

miércoles retomaremos la lectura del Popol Vuh, empezaremos con la II parte del Popol Vuh.

jueves llevar libro de ortografía para trabajar en él.

viernes 27 no tendremos clases porque será la celebración de UN Day.


Profa. Jazmín Avilez