Physical Science- September 11-15

Topic: Matter

Properties of Matter Lab

Plastic Characteristics-
       Reading 1
       Reading 2
       Reading 3
       Reading 4

Reading ?’s 2.1 (see below)- Due Mon, Sept 11th
1) Define matter.
2) Define chemistry.
3) Define substance.
4) Substances have a ________________ set of properties.
5) What are two different kinds of properties that matter has?
6) Define physical property.
7) Give 3 examples of physical properties.
8) Define chemical property.
9) How can you observe the chemical properties of a substance?
10) Give 3 examples of chemical properties.
11) True / False Both physical and chemical properties can be used to classify substances.
12) All matter is made of ___________.
13) What is an element?
14) What identifies an element?
15) What are often used to represent elements?
16) What is an atom?
17) Why do different elements have different properties?
18) True/False The atoms is the smallest piece of matter known to scientists.
19) Describe the positive part of the atom.
20) Describe the negative part of the atom.
21) When atoms combine, what is formed?
22) What is a chemical bond?
23) What is a molecule?
24) Matter is usually made of (one element OR many elements combined together).
25) Define compound.
26) What does a chemical formula show?
27) What do the subscript numbers show in a chemical formula?
28) True / False When elements combine in a compound, they develop new properties.
29) Define mixture.
30) True / False When substances combine in a mixture, they develop new properties.
31) True / False Mixtures have definite ratios of elements.
32) Define heterogeneous mixture.
33) Define homogenous mixture.
34) Define solution.
35) Which are more easily separated? compounds OR mixtures
36) Explain your answer for number 35.
37) Give some examples of ways to separate a mixture.
38) What happens during distillation?


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