8A/B English Language Arts Oct. 15-19, 2018


Unit 1: Double Take, Essential Question: When do you really know someone?

  • Regular activities: Sustained Silent Reading, Interactive Notebooks, Quick Writes, Reading Logs and Vocabulary
  • This week students will be giving extemporaneous talks (impromptu speeches) that relate back to the EQ: “When do you really know someone?”



World History 10/15 – 10/19

This week with 8th grade we are continuing our unit of Judaism that we started on Friday.  After Judaism we will move on to Islam and then Christianity, rounding out our unit on religion.

Monday – Judaism Vocabulary on vocabulary.com

Tuesday – Quiz questions for Judaim

Wednesday – Islam Presentation

Thursday – Islam Quiz questions

Friday – Intro to Christianity

Comic strips

art critique

Students have concluded their Comic Strips. They will now answer a five question evaluation about their project and present it to their classmates for comments and observations.

Physical Education October 15- October 19, 2018

EIGHTH GRADE: During this week, the students will work on developing the following fundamental skills of VOLLEYBAL: serving and blocking. Students will put this knowledge to test in games.


Required Materials for Class:  Tennis shoes, water bottle and appropriate clothing.


Optional Materials for Class:  Bug spray, hat and sunscreen.        

PLEASE TAKE NOTE: To participate in class activities and receive full credit for the class, students need to wear appropriate clothing for P.E. class.


GOALS: We will use the word RESPECT to set the main goals for the year.


Right to Learn – Every child has this right to be educated!

Effort – Win or lose, trying is the most important trait.

Safety – The number one priority each day!

Purpose – Understanding how the activity can benefit you.

Enthusiasm – Positive energy creates a positive environment!

Challenge – Challenge yourself to improve each day.

Trust/Teamwork – Work with and trust others, the result can be amazing!


REMINDER: I would like to remind you that all students need to be dressed appropriately for the days that they have P.E. class. Students should refrain from using the following:

–  Dresses for the girls

–  Jeans (shorts or pants)

–  Crocks

–  Sandals

–  Boots



Have fun!

Candy, food, and/or gum – out of sight, out of mind!

Positive attitude!

Remain in supervised areas all the time!







Week of Oct.15-19, 2018

Mon. Oct.15, 2018  L.3.2 Solving Inequalities Using Addition and Subtraction                                                                    Online tutor  http://www.phschool.com/webcodes10/index.cfm?wcprefix=ate&wcsuffix=0402&area=view

HW:OB Pg.142-143 #s 4-62 EVEN


Oct.16, 2018

L.3.3 Solving Inequalities Using Multiplication and Division

Online tutor


HW:pg.149 #s 2-50 EVEN


Oct.17, 2018

Review lessons 3.1-3.3                                                                  Online quizzes




Thurs. Oct.18, 2018 QUIZ on lessons 3.1-3.3

Oct.19, 2018



IXL is also a part of the students’ weekly homework assignments. Each student must complete the assigned IXL activities during the week. This will be checked every Sunday evening. This week the students must complete: IXL X.6 and X.7 8th GRADE LEVEL IN SCHOOL IXL LAB


MAP TOOLKIT: Do you want to improve your MAP scores?

Here is the math website:



Physical Science- Oct 15-19

Topics:  Properties of Matter and States of Matter

Escape Room
Physical and Chemical Changes Wkst.
State Changes Mini-Presentations

Properties of Matter Review (see below)- Due Wed, Oct 17th
Reading ?’s 3.1- Due Thurs, Oct 18th
Reading ?’s 3.2- Due Fri, Oct 19th

Properties of Matter Test- Wed, Oct 17th


Properties of Matter Review

    • Define:  matter, mass, density, property, volume, weight
    • With what instrument(s) would you measure these: mass, volume, distance
    • What units could you use to measure these: mass, distance, volume, density
    • Put these in the property order in a number line for the metric system:
      milli-,  base,  hecta-,  deca-,  kilo-, deci-, centi-
    • Describe how to use this number line to convert measurements in the metric system
    • Differentiate between physical and chemical properties.
    • Differentiate between physical and chemical changes.
    • Give the equations to find: volume, density
    • Describe how to determine the volume of an oddly shaped object.
    • Describe how to determine if an object will float or sink.
    • Describe how to determine the scale between graduations (lines) on an instrument